LOVA has partnered with Shokay to provide a socially responsible textile brand that creates premium knitwear accessories from the yak fiber. From the soft warmth of the yarn to the positive impact they have upon the world, we want people to love everything about Shokay as much as we do!


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LOVA WEDDINGS is LOVA’s wedding and evening gown brand embracing modern design and timeless elegance as our key elements when designing our Scandinavian inspired gowns. Simple lines and sophisticated details coupled with elegant laces and textured fabrics are standing inspirations drawn from our Scandinavian roots.



After years of working with some highly skilled factories and suppliers, we have become close to these companies and individuals and proudly consider them “like family”. They are an extension of LOVA and deserve as much attention in the telling of the story about us. They are partners who support what we do and are part of our mission.

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